Neon in Negative

My aim with this 35mm project, was to take a series of street scenes of minimalist composition, where the film negative itself serves as the final image. Although the images are negatives, I wanted the end result to appear as if the positive conversion had in fact taken place. It can be eye straining to look at the average negative, so the exposures were taken this way to offer a minimal and high contrast visual.

I believe that this concept offers a fairly unique and interesting view of illuminated objects that you may encounter when walking in any city at night. So with this, and only recording the brightest light information in a scene, it was my intent to evoke a sense of familiarity with the subjects contained within the images, whilst offering sufficient obscurity to pique the viewer's curiosity as to where the image was taken.

This first batch was taken in Seoul, and I will be continuing the project in other cities as time goes on.